A perfect stay at House of Bruges

A perfect stay at House of Bruges

Last month, Derik and I made the spontaneous decision to go to the Beer Festival held in Brugge, Belgium. With over 400 different types of beer made from breweries all over Belgium and Europe, it was hard to say no. I was a bit worried accommodation would be slim-to-none since we literally decided a week before that we were going to go. After a quick online search (o.k. more like a couple hours), I discovered booking.com had the best options, and I reserved a place at House of Bruges.

House of Bruges Review

To be honest, I’m a little upset I didn’t discover this cute little B&B last time we visited Brugge. I loved our stay at Hotel Marcel, but the value for money, quaintness, and overall private experience House of Bruges gave us, I wouldn’t hesitate booking a room every time we decided to visit.

The Experience

We had booked the Superior Double Room, and even though it was their lowest tier room, it boasted lavish decor, a beautiful layout, a terrace, and plenty of space. I should mention the price per night is comparable to lower-star hotels in the area, but the quality, in my opinion, is in the 4.5-5 star range.

Before arrival, we received an email that because we would be arriving after hours, we could find a booklet with our room information and code to the elevator that went straight up to our room. I was a bit confused — thinking that our room was one of many on the third floor, and without a key, how could it be secure? Much to our surprise, the code we entered in the elevator opened up right in the middle of the penthouse suite we had been secretly upgraded to. After a stressful four and a half hour drive to Brugge through the snow and rain, this was a beyond pleasant surprise!

The Room

The entire suite is thoughtfully decorated in a way that amplifies the beautiful natural light that pours in through the windows. Both Derik and I immediately thought the decor had a Balinese flair, and were transported back to our time at the beautiful Sandat Glamping Experience.

The suite could comfortably fit 5 people with two queen beds and a full-sized couch. It also offers a full kitchen, a full bathroom and an extra toilet room, plenty of storage space, and a beautiful oversized dining table! As a penthouse it also had gorgeous panoramic views from all windows and a beautiful view of the B&B garden courtyard from the terrace.

A note on city noise

House of Bruges is centrally located in the city, meaning it is in the midst of all the late night bars and restaurants. It also has several windows, and I just wanted to note that we stayed during the Beer Festival, and could here people yelling, laughing, and car engines revving (whyyyyyy) all night. As you know, we spent several years in Asia, so street noise doesn’t bother us as much as it may others. Personally, I don’t feel like it took much away from our experience, but if street noise is something that bothers you, please consider staying outside the the city central.

Book this accommodation if…

…you’re looking for a bed within walking distance of the major landmarks, shops, and restaurants.

…you seek a one-of-a-kind private experience.

…you’re looking for luxury but have a strict budget!

…you like a little more space than the average hotel room.

Superior Deluxe Room Rate (what we originally booked): 114 Euro per night
Family Double Room Rate (what we stayed in): 198 Euro per night

Derik and I were upgraded to the family room in exchange for an open and honest review on the blog. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links, and if you click on one and book a hotel, I may receive a small commission. Thank you so much for helping to support LIAL!