South-African families save more then other countries in Africa

South-African families save more then other countries in Africa

People will go to extreme measures to save a few bucks here and there, but some of the best saving hacks are simple and sitting right under your nose

The most frugal families know that luxury travel and trendy clothes do not necessarily make a happy family, therefore, reducing the stress of the bank account can help alleviate the stress of the family.

We round out the household savings tips that do not require much time or are complicated, but in the long run can reap great rewards.

Plan your meals

One of the biggest falls of the most frugal family is an impromptu trip to McDonald’s for dinner. Instead of serving a healthy meal for less than R30 the portion, you end up wasting – in calories and bills – to feed your family, which makes it an automatic budget breaker.

Smart store
You do not have to be a hardcore coupon to save bills on groceries. Use smart strategies to relieve the pressure in the store so you do not spend more than your bill. It is important that you only buy once and get everything you need in one trip. Going to the store for forgotten milk or an extra loaf of bread can cause you to spend more than your bill all week, and also waste gas. The most important thing is that you do not go shopping with the children. When the little ones are with you, it is harder to stay focused and resist spontaneous purchases, especially when they are begging for them.

Fund in reusable items

Disposable products are usually cheap and super-convenient, but not when you have to buy the same items repeatedly. Your family probably uses a ton of paper products, but why continue to spend your bills on them when you can buy reusable products instead. Before taking a disposable item from the shelves of the store, ask yourself if there is a reusable solution instead of spending a lot of bills on it.

Entertainment at home

If children are driving you crazy, it can be tempting to go to the movies or the bowling alley just to get out of the house. But your day trips can be a disaster for your budget. Is not it better not to spend time with the family, instead, finding ways to keep children entertained at home? A hideaway of board games, a sprinkler race or a night of home movies with popcorn can keep your kids occupied for pennies. If you really want to leave the house, try to go to the park.

Be smart about energy

You’ve probably heard it a million times: when you save energy, you save bills. It is really simple, you can save bills simply by talking about energy in the traditional way. Turning off lights, timing showers or bathing can help reduce utility bills while teaching children to do the same.

Saving bills with your family does not have to take drastic steps. On the other hand, small methods can make a big difference in their final results. Trust these tips to save at home.

South Africa has been ranked as one of the most expensive places to buy cellular data and broadcast time. If you are on the phone frequently for work, or even for free time, it is frustrating. More so, when it seems to disappear unused! However, we would like to help you make sure you are with the right service provider for optimal enjoyment and savings.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to cellular service providers is the fact that they love to increase prices, while we experience a sharp drop in the service and the quality of the network. However, with these bills saving measures we will help you obtain the best possible value.

Our studies were carried out in several service providers throughout South Africa. As expected, the company was one of the leading providers in terms of cellular data, broadcast time and other services. Not only do they offer more affordable rates than other service providers, they also have an extremely high network bandwidth to offer the best possible experience.

Save bills on your fuel efficiency

This is a hot topic in South Africa, however, it is essential to talk about it as a way to save bills. With gas prices as high as R13.56 per liter – filling the tank is a stressful endeavor. However, there are some ways to make sure your car gets the most out of every liter.

Let them check the tire pressure. In life, the smallest things occasionally make the biggest difference. The reason is that when the tires deflate, even slightly, they cause more resistance on the road. This leads to your fuel efficiency being affected.

Cape Town has the worst classified traffic of all content. Of course, while you’re sitting in traffic, you see how your needle slowly sinks into the red gas tank. We do not know about you, but it’s a pretty horrible experience. These bills-saving hacks are about making your bills go further. Avoiding traffic at all costs is definitely a good way to start.